Doing Business With Us

MHRA does business with many local companies, spending approximately $9,000,000 a year on goods and services. MHRA encourages participation in our procurement process by minority and female owned businesses.

MHRA publishes Requests for Proposals in The Union Leader/New Hampshire Sunday News.

Examples of the types of goods and services purchased by MHRA are listed below. Please note that this list is not all inclusive, but is for illustrative purposes only.

If your company is interested in doing business with MHRA, please call (603) 624-2100.


Construction/Architecture/Engineering Maintenance & Repair

Examples: architectural/engineering consulting services, new construction, building renovations, building system upgrades, site improvements, construction management services, painting, boiler repairs.


Goods and Materials

Examples: office supplies, appliances, electrical and plumbing parts, machinery (e.g., floor polishers), playground equipment, janitorial supplies, tools, kitchen cabinetry, automotive parts.



Examples: gas, telephone service.


Professional Services

Examples: outside legal counsel, printing services, annual audit, workers compensation, property and life insurance services, temporary employment services, staff training.


Information Technology

Examples: consultants for applications development, systems support services, hardware maintenance, cabling installations, computer training.


Resident Services

Examples: providers of employment and training, sports, education, visual and performing arts consultants, specialized services for youth, seniors and other targeted populations.