Elderly & Persons with Disabilities

MHRA’s Resident Services programs continue to serve as model efforts in improving the quality of life for assisted housing households; providing supportive services to help avoid premature institutionalization of the elderly and persons with disabilities; providing health assessments and education; offering sports and educational activities to low income youth; and empowering low income families through economic and educational opportunities.

MHRA’s Supportive Services Programs (SSP) provide a residential environment for elderly and persons with disabilities who need different levels of assistance with certain activities of daily living. Designed to allow participants to maintain an independent lifestyle,  SSP provides services such as meals, housekeeping, health information, coordination of transportation, and service coordination to help avoid the need for nursing home or other institutional care.

MHRA’s Mary Gale, Brown School and Laurette Sweeney Apartments are the sites of MHRA’s SSP efforts to provide services to residents of a total of 132 units of Housing Choice Voucher assisted housing.

A wide variety of Resident Enrichment, Health and Wellness, and Elderly Outreach programs round out MHRA’s services to elders. The Authority’s innovative Pocketbook Therapy initiative has resulted in an aggregate savings of over $1,500,000 on prescription drugs and other health care costs for a total of over 750 seniors since the program’s inception in 2003.