Public Housing FAQ

What is public housing?

Public housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly and persons with disabilities. MHRA owns and operates 1,261 units of public housing and receives financial support from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Additionally, MHRA has other publicly supported housing available for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

How much assistance will I get?

Rents in public housing are set at 30% of adjusted gross household income.

What information will I have to provide? Am I eligible?

You will have to provide information about all sources of income in the household, as well as information related to your abilitiy to pay your portion of the rent and your abilitiy to abide by the terms of your lease. All of the information that you provide about your income will be carefully checked with employers, banks, and other sources of income before you are found to be eligible.

Former recipients of federal housing assistance who left a program owing back rent or other charges must pay the balance owed before being considered for the Public Housing Program.

A history of drug and/or alcohol related or violent criminal activity which might threaten the health, safety or peaceful existence of others may be grounds for disqualification from Public Housing eligibility.

How do I apply?

To receive an application for public housing, call MHRA at (603)624-2100 or visit the main office at 198 Hanover Street, Manchester, NH. You can also apply for public housing by clicking the following link, preliminary application, fill it out, sign it and return it to MHRA.The information you provide will be reviewed to determine preliminary eligibility. When your name nears the top of the waiting list, you will be called to come in for an interview at which time all the information you provided will be verified and, if you are eligible, you will be offered a unit when one becomes available depending on your placement on the waiting list.preliminary

Can I request a certain development and/or highrise?

Unit offers are made as units throughout the city become available. MHRA does not keep development-specific waiting lists.

How can I check my status during the application process?

The waiting time to begin screening or final eligibility varies from months to years from you date of application, depending on the number of bedrooms and type of unit your household requires, your preferences and the number of units available.

It is impossible to determine what numbers families rank on the waiting lists as this number may vary daily.  Therefore MHRA may only provide a rough estimate of when a family might be selected for the final eligibility screening process.

Please refer back to the letter you received after your pre-application was added to the wait list.

Applicants may check their status by calling the intake department at (603)624-2100.

Does MHRA meet with people on a walk-in basis or by appointment?

Please call to schedule an appointment if you would like to meet with someone at MHRA at 624-2100.

Does MHRA offer emergency housing?

MHRA does not have emergency housing. There are waiting lists for all properties/programs.

Are MHRA properties smoke-free?

Yes, All MHRA properties are smoke free.

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